Follow the steps to apply


Step 1
Choose your program
Start your fascinating journey at Universitas Andalas by choosing the study program you are interested in. Each study program offers wide range of knowledge that you need to pursue your dreamed career. In order to get desired knowledge that suits you, you can visit the website page of each study program to see everything you need to know.
Go to official website of Universitas Andalas’s Universitas Andalas Scholarship

Step 2
Review the Fees and Scholarship
See the elaborated explanation about the fees at Scholarship International Students
Scholarship is also available for international students who wish to apply the undergraduate programs. View the details at https://io.unand.ac.id/index.php/scholarship/unand-scholarship

Step 3
Submit your application
Universitas Andalas requires candidates who meet all qualifications to apply online through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by sending this documents: A copy of your degree and transcript, completed application form https://bit.ly/3OoUgzx  , an application letter addressed to Rector of Universitas Andalas, a copy of a valid passport a copy of English proficiency with minimum requirements (TOEFL 500, IELTS 6.0, or equivalent), curriculum vitae an academic recommendation letter, if you are applying for a doctoral degree, please send your supervisor approval proof, Covid-19 vaccine certificate (full doses).

Step 4
Respond to your acceptance
If you are accepted at Universitas Andalas, then, Congratulations! The Letter of Acceptance will be sent by e-mail. If you accept it and wish to study at the same year as stated, please notify us by email

Step 5
Get ready to Universitas Andalas

  1. Applying Study Permit
    To obtain a study permit in Indonesia, please visit https://io.unand.ac.id/index.php/kemahasiswaan/study-permit  or contact the Andalas University International Office for further processing.
  2. Applying Student Visa
    Indonesia provides a Student Visa for international students. To obtain Indonesian visa for student, please visit https://io.unand.ac.id/index.php/kemahasiswaan/visa-kitas or contact the Universitas Andalas International Office for further processes.