"In my opinion, joining the MBKM Credit Earning program is worth to try. we can gain a lot of knowledge and experience. Being an international student is a great opportunity to update your social skills. Through this program, we can gain many benefits from experience to financial"

Testimonial Preparatory Environmental and Energy Technologies International Course of Kanazawa University (PreETIC Program) 2023 Ari Kurniawan Hendri

"This is good program for college student to join. So far, everything was really fun because Isee a lot off new people from different countries, the culture, and the beautiful place at kanazawa University in Japan".

"Studying abroad has truly been dream come true, and pisa has exceeded all of my expectations of living abroad. this city offers a perfect balance of tranquillity and liveliness, which is characterised by its serene atmosphere and its vibrant and friendly community. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to befriend many students from the university and the locals, making me feel right at home".


My name is Friska Rahma Ariqah, a 3rd year of industrial engineering student with a dream to study abroad. I believe there are a thousand doors for the opportunity God gives us. Here is my story about one of the doors to reach my dream of studying abroad with the Credit Earning Program 2022.

I once dreamt to do short course in Japan date back to 2015 when I was a student at Chairul Tanjung Foundation. Not until I became a higher student at Andalas University, this institution offered me a so-called program “student mobility” in 2019. To get this opportunity was really amazing, to compete with other outstanding students. But, I enjoyed the process.

Hi everyone! My name is Nadhifah and I’m an IISMA 2021 Awardee to University of Pennsylvania. Studying at an Ivy school has been one of my dreams and currently i’m taking classes at Wharton School of Business. Being able to be given the opportunity to study here at Penn has given me so much insights and experiences from college dorms, clubs, events, dining halls to offline classes again for the first time in two years!!! I’m excited for the upcoming days here. Applying for IISMA and choosing Pennsylvania has been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made!

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